Sunday, March 21, 2010

3: Survival

Nothing lasts forever.. not even himself.. He was as perishable as the next guy. No reincarnation. Not in this god-damn world. A world filled with sadness. Melancholy. The world was an asylum. And its inmates out to get each other.

Survival of the fittest. Natural selection. That was always the rule of nature. You survive as long as someone doesn't beat you at this game called life. Its players, mainly cheaters.

His reason for doing what he did: Survival. Sure, he was a crime fighter. But he chose that path to survive  in this hell hole..

Because if he wasn't the Dark Knight, he was just another one of the billions lost in the crowd.. Of no importance to anyone..

He still was disposable, but he felt he was worth something.. That he made a difference.. And he would keep on doing what he did best till there was at least that someone whose life he touched..

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2: Love

It is said.. that there are certain defining moments in your life, which dictate how you lead the rest of it. And these moments are most often not cheerful. They can become the very reason for your existence, or the very reason you choose not to exist. Of course, there's a choice. There's always a choice..

His defining moment came early. Too early, one might add. A small boy left orphaned? Makes you think of the justice in this world. Made Him think of the justice in this world. And thus started his quest to uphold justice and truth..

To lose your loved ones, is the greatest loss suffered by a human.. After all, love is what keeps us human.. But he was filled with hatred.. Hatred for the one who shot his parents. Hatred for all that he stood for.. Criminals.

Sasha.. Devoted to him.. But he needed his mask.. To stop himself from getting too close.. To stop himself from experiencing the happiness felt in a real relationship.. He never allowed himself a chance to truly love someone.. as he didn't want the same feeling of loss all over again.. cause nothing lasts forever..

Monday, February 15, 2010

1: Guilt

He knew he couldn't do this.
He couldn't tell her what she meant to him. He had a desire to, yes, but the desire was under control. Just like everyone else he loved and cared about, he couldn't let her come too close. Sasha Bordeaux.. would have to wait.

Hired by Lucius Fox as Bruce Wayne' s personal bodyguard, Sasha had come to find the truth behind the enigma after she saw his arsenal hidden in his suitcase, and confronted him. So she wanted to accompany him on his nights out. She was his bodyguard, which meant she's supposed to protect him at all times, even when he dons a mask and a cape. But He could't let her be a vigilante without proper training. And so she trained.

But now he faced the guilt. Sasha had become so used to his presence, and He to her's, and he knew that it would be painful for both of them if they ever have to part. He had suffered far worse for this pain to harm him, but he knew it was not the same for Sasha. She had not seen her parents murdered by a mugger..

The guilt.. as it was not by luck that Sasha had discovered who Bruce Wayne really is.. He is never that careless that he leaves such stuff easily discoverable. He let her find it, because he wanted her to. He wanted her to be a part of his life.. Not Bruce Wayne's life, no.. But be a part of Batman's life.. because that's who he was.. The Dark Knight..